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If there is a bicycle in hand, most of the youth will not stop. They run through the streets saying Rai. They drive the car by doing stunts and stunts. Besides.. they drive as they like on the roads. Others do races. Sports bikes are used for this. But.. sometimes.. many accidents happen because of these. Several times.. due to driving cars falling over, incidents where lives were lost were also in the headlines. Many people have killed themselves by driving their cars to the other side. However.. Delhi Police shared the dangerous bike of the youth on social media. It has become a virus (viral video).

Full details. A young boy rides a bicycle across the street. He is speeding on his bike. There are many cars on the road. However.. Meanwhile, a shocking incident happened. The cyclist lost his balance while running at high speed. Then.. he jumped and fell. The speed with which he fell caused the two-wheeler to roll forward.

He ran across the road to the other side. The incident was recorded on the CCTV camera there. This has happened in the past. Recently, Delhi Police (Delhi traffic police) also shared their official social media handle. There was a virus. In this case, the officials spoke harshly and said that if the car is driven over, who will be found to repair it?

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