The Mayor of Banjarmasin Finalizes the Plan to Increase the Cost of Drinking Water

WARTABANJAR.COM, BANJARMASIN – The Banjarmasin City Government continues to finalize the tax increase plan for PT Airminum Bandarmasih.

One of the stages of finalizing the price increase plan is to conduct a public consultation, on Tuesday (2/8/2022), at the hall of PT Airminum Bandarmasih.

“Today we are conducting public consultation as one of the stages in our efforts to get information from stakeholders,” said the Mayor of Banjarmasin, H Ibnu Sina, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, H Arifin Noor, after the consultation event.

He said that although not all customers were present, this section of discussion with the community was very representative, including parts from the head of the region, the head of the village, community leaders, religious leaders, other figures, NGOs, customers, BPKP resource persons. , Ministry of Home Affairs.

“We hope this leads to an agreed decision, at least we convey to the public that until now PT Airminum Bandarmasih (Perseroda) is our company, providing clean water in Banjarmasin,” he said.

According to Ibnu Sina, in the last five years, PT Air Drink has actually made a loss in production.

Therefore, he continued, in order to develop this company well, it is necessary to increase the tax.

“I hope this can be approved and understood by customers,” he said. (week)

Editor: Erna Djedi

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