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For those who are not familiar with Sajat, all the behaviors and activities that he does often catch the attention of internet users.

Looking at Tiktok, it appears that part of the live Sajat session on social media has been deleted and is being used by many Tiktok users.

The clip shows Sajat re-singing the verses of Angabanemo sung by original singer Zeina Zain.

toktitiktok Don’t forget to drink the most luxurious kind every day and get the best benefits for your beauty and health.. Don’t worry your voice won’t change!! #fyp ツ original sound – sajjadzaman

On Instagram, Sajat appears to have uploaded a video of Siti Nurhelisa using her voice in a social media post.

Sajat expressed his gratitude to Siti Nurhelizah who is the idol and favorite of all these people. In fact, he was also touched when Seti was ready to sing a duet with him.

In the comments section, many netizens seem to be enjoying the vocal duo. Even netizens mentioned that Siti Nurhaliza is a “sportsman” personality.

Not only that, but many netizens seem to be eager for Sagat to come back to Malaysia once again.

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