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This is the latest story about Noor Nabila. Through sharing on the well-known entertainment forum, Cari, it seems that Noor Neelofa’s younger sister has made some changes on her Instagram page.

Noor Nabila is seen changing her profile photo and no longer seeing photos with Engku Emran, including their wedding photos.

The 37-year-old businessman changed his profile picture with his son Jebat Jayden.

It was stated that Noor Nabila had deleted the photo with Engku Emran on her social media page.

Among the photos that were deleted included a wedding photo, as well as a vacation photo where they wore blue clothes together.

This at the same time raises a question mark among the fans.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Noor Nabila uploaded several photos on IG Stories that seemed to reveal her heart.

Nabila looks one hundred percent agree with the photo that tells about love. This is one of the photos uploaded by Noor Nabila.

It is not yet known what happened.

Even before, the story of Noor Nabila and Engku Emran was mentioned because they were rarely seen together.

In fact, only Noor Nabila and Jebat Jayden took pictures at the Eid al-Adha celebration.

Last June, Noor Nabila answered questions about her marriage story with Engku Emran from the media.

At that time Noor Nabila said that Engku Emran was a person who did not like to tell personal stories especially because of that he respected him.

If you look at Engku Emran’s medial Instagram, there are still photos of Noor Nabila, and the last one was in March, 4 months ago during their first birthday celebration.

Anyway, I wish Noor Nabila and Engku Emran the best.

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