Mystery Shop FF September 2022 [Banjir Hadiah Menarik]

If you are one of the users of Free Fire game, surely you are not familiar with Mystery Shop FF event?

Free Fire itself is a battle royale game published by Garena for Android and iOS platforms.

This game has become one of the most popular games to get the title as the most downloaded game in the world in 2019.

Because this game is a popular game, it is not surprising that Free Fire game developers hold many events.

Indeed, the various events hosted by Garena make the users of this game application impatient to be able to follow the current events.

In addition, the various events held have many very attractive prizes. One of the biggest events hosted by Garena is the Mystery Shop FF.

With this big event, it is no wonder that Free Fire game users are looking forward to this one event to participate.

Actually, it’s not just a Mystery Shop FF event. There are also other events that you can participate in. However, Mystery Shop FF is one of the most anticipated events.

So if you are wondering when the event will be held or how it will be used. So please read the following discussion carefully, yes.

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What is Mystery Shop FF 2021

Mystery Shop FF

If you are a new FF game user, maybe you are still confused about Mystery Shop FF. Well, in this section we will discuss about it.

As we said, Mystery Shop FF is an in-game Free Fire event hosted by Garena

This one event is the most awaited event by FF game players because it has different kinds of lucrative prizes.

Especially when this event happens there will be many big discounts on the items in the Free Fire game.

This event is held twice a year. It usually happens in different months.

In this event, you will also be provided with different diamonds with prices that are not as usual. That is very cheap and different from the original price.

Dison retention can be as high as 50% to 90%. Of course, with such a huge discount, FF players are looking forward to this event.

Of course, with this discount, you’ll get a variety of cool bundles and FF items at very affordable prices.

If you want to know when the event will be held and how to participate in the event, let’s look at the following update.

When is Mystery Shop FF saved

When is Mystery Shop FF saved
1a 27 Mystery Shop FF September 2022 [Banjir Hadiah Menarik]

For those wondering when the Mystery Shop FF event will be held, here we will explain it.

As we have already explained that there are many prizes that you can get during this event.

From huge discounts to the lowest prices on goods, of course, you want to know when the event will be held.

So don’t be surprised if many Free Fire players ask when this lucrative event will be held. However, no one really knows.

But based on the use of events, we can know that this event is held twice a year.

However, no one knows the exact date of this event except the person who performed it.

So please keep an eye on the information about the launch of Mystery Shop FF so you don’t miss the information.

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Mystery Shop Prize List FF

Free Fire Event Prize List

Every event that takes place is sure to have many attractive prizes and discounts at prices that exceed expectations.

However, just like this FF event, you will get various kinds of attractive prizes and huge discounts that are definitely beneficial.

In addition to what we have mentioned above, there are actually many other rewards that you will get.

In this explanation, will provide a very clear explanation of the various types of rewards.

Yes, with the leaked rewards that you will get in this FF event, it will make you more motivated to participate in this event.

Quickly, let’s take a look at the list of prizes you can get in the Mystery Shop FF event.

  • Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Name Change Card.
  • Bundle Iron.
  • Eat My Dust.
  • Elite Pass.
  • Voucher Weapon Royale.
  • Bundle Purple Shade.
  • Corn Box.
  • Dragon Vang.
  • Bundle Lab Giant.
  • Bundle Getleman by Day.
  • Many more.

That’s a leak about the prize for the biggest Free Fire event to be held in 2021 in a certain month.

But in addition to the leaked list we have provided above, of course there are many attractive prizes and discounts that you can get.

How to join the FF Mystery Shop event

How to join the 2021 FF event

Now that you know the different types of rewards you will get when you participate in an event, the next thing you should know is how to participate in this one event.

Maybe some of you already know how to participate in this one event. But we are still preparing for those of you who do not understand how to talk.

Soon, let’s see the explanation of the steps you have to do if you want to be a part of the Mystery Shop FF event.

  • I’m begging you “open Free Fire game app” using an account you already have.
  • If you have then you will be on the main screen of this game and to participate in the event, please click on the menu “event”.
  • After that, please come inside “news tab”.
  • In this section, please take a look “Mystery Shop FF eventwhich happens during the month.
  • If you have, then there will be spins that you can use to get big discounts for buying items in Free Fire.
  • After getting a big discount, you can then buy various items at a much lower price than the original price.
  • If you purchased an item using the discount you received, the item you purchased will automatically be included “Vault FF Game”.
  • Done!

Those are the steps you need to take to be able to be a part of the event. It’s pretty simple isn’t it? And to follow it you don’t have to meet any conditions.

Will the FF event come in September?

Event Schedule

Maybe you get information from various sources that the Mystery Shop FF event will be held in September.

In fact, no one knows for sure when the event will take place. Regarding valid information about the holding of the game, it can only be distributed by the organizer of the event itself, which is Garena.

So just wait for the event where you will be caught by keeping an eye on the information about the launch of Mystery Shop FF.

Or you can also monitor the web about the event schedule that will be released in certain months.

It closes

That’s the discussion about the Mystery Shop FF event in this article’s discussion. We hope this update is helpful for those who can’t wait for the event.

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Stay up to date with all the information on our website and don’t miss the information that is available every day. Goodbye and thanks for reading.

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