Intra Asia Insurance Launches Intra Shield Digital Product

PT Asuransi Intra Asia (Intra Asia Corpora Group) has launched the Intra Shield health insurance product. The launch of this innovation to provide better connected digital healthcare is also in the context of the 23rd anniversary.

Intra Asia Vice President Director, Wong Juli said, “Intra Asia is always creating new products and sustainable services according to the needs of Indonesian people.

Intra Asia Insurance Launches Intra Shield Digital Product

“Intra’Shield’s feature provides digital-based health services to customers by consulting doctors and medicines online, and can send medicines directly to customers without the need to leave the house,” explained Wong in a statement on Wednesday (27/7). ).

He pointed out that, as a product launched during an epidemic like today, of course this product makes customers feel secure because it does not require exercise and interaction with other people.

“As an insurance company that focuses on customer needs, we want to provide a unique insurance experience by giving customers the opportunity to celebrate life without worrying about financial risks that may occur in the future according to the tag line of Intra Asia Stop Worrying, We Protect. You,” he said.

Along with this launch, Intra Asia also introduced a new Board of Directors consisting of President Director Liana Ali, Vice President Director Wong Juli, Marketing Director Silahudin, Finance Director Ramos Meyer P Sianipar, and Technical Director Dian Andayani.

“With this new board of directors, we will remain committed to supporting the needs of each customer and being friends in every step of their lives,” he explained at Ballroom 1 Hotel JS Luwansa, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

He hopes that the board of directors will be able to contribute properly by improving the company’s performance by implementing good management, the development of infrastructure and services based on digital, and improving the quality of services for employees, the majority of people. which is a thousand years.

Therefore, it can strengthen the organization’s capabilities to meet the goals set by the shareholders.

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