How to locate your LDR friends

Zenly%2B2 How to locate your LDR friends

Pulti Opok – Smartphones are very important in daily life, in addition, technology is now becoming more and more complex, which makes it easier to work in our daily lives. Therefore, a smartphone is always a companion to carry everywhere because it is very important. Realizing that now many people are careless or forget to put the smartphone. Many have complained about what is happening. many are confused I’m looking for a lost smartphonetherefore, we must be very careful at the same time we must take care of your smartphone.

Not only that, we can find the location of your friend or girlfriend anywhere, then you can find where the person is with your smartphone, in addition, this application is highly recommended for you, to pay attention to your boyfriend. Only by the way Find location by mobile number
My friend can find the target area, there are many ways to be Find your lost smartphone. Then the way to find out who is where, by finding Android system location for this we can ask for help or borrow smartphones from our friends, to install a program called Zenly – GPS Real Time.

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Zenly – Real Time GPS an app to find friends or someone in real time. The purpose of the Zenly program is to provide an additional layer of security if a person wants to return home or get lost and in various situations, the use of Zenly is similar to the Google map but we can choose the type of map we want and be given the distance. meter to find friends. It is even easier if you use this application, you can be in your place in real time, chat with your boyfriend or your family.
So, to try this app, you just have to simulate Zenly Android App Tutorial – Real Time GPS. Let’s just row bro.
1. First you have to install Zenly App – Real Time GPS from Playstore

2. To be able to find someone, you must register your name and mobile number, your date of birth in the Zenly app, this is mandatory using

Screenshot 2017 08 06 08 25 20 981 app.zenly.locator min How to locate your LDR friends
3. After that, you will be given a Verification Code SMS (please wait for a few seconds). After receiving the verification code, it will automatically log in to invite your friends.

Screenshot 2017 08 06 09 42 34 352 app.zenly.locator min How to locate your LDR friends
4. Then you open it, and find the location of the mobile number registered by Zenly, the small circle is your location.

Zenly%2B2 How to locate your LDR friends
To find someone else’s location, you have to invite them to use the Zenly app. What’s behind the features of the Zenly Android app – Real Time GPS. This is very useful when you install it. I also need this app, to find the target area
Well, after reading this, it is very useful for you, friend or not, you think that this article is missing, we ask for criticism and suggestions if it is useful, do not forget to share on social networks so that everyone can use this application. I’m leaving Pulti Opok Sorry about the article if it doesn’t fit my friend. I just share my experience in the world of techno. All of that comes from me Pulti Opok Thank you

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