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Yes, you already know that there is a difference WhatsApp Mod that’s a lot. One of them was developed by Fouad Mokdad, viz FM WhatsApp. Even so, Fouad Mokdad or Fouad Mods manage more than 2 apps, guys.

But popular and commonly used by people is FM WA only same Enter WhatsApp. The work of Fouad Mods is known to be very reliable, guys, especially in the display section and additional features.

Update of FM WhatsApp 9.11

No FM WhatsApp actually an acronym, guys, from the developer’s first name, Fouad Mokdad. But there are so many versions of WA Mod app, finally this version should be named by FM WA guys, wow.

Yes, from the beginning, I said that Fouad Mods are versatile. Because yes, I’m really good at modifying apps. it’s just an intermezo, and he caught it GB WhatsApp the guys who left the main engineer.

So when you search online, the word GB WhatsApp is sometimes attached by FouadMods or others. As for the first job, between FM WA and Fouad WhatsApp guys. Meanwhile, on FM WA, you can really rely on it and make it a choice if you are still confused.

There are many features that you can really use if you use them FM WhatsApp version 9.11. The point is, yes, the WA Mod program is a WA program that has changed the program and added a few more features. So it should be very different from the original version guys.

In FM WA, it has many themes and great choices. You will never be bored when you use FM WA. It’s like you can change the theme once an hour wkwkwk. Yes, because there are many good ones.

In addition, there are also many privacy and security features in it guys. For example, you can read deleted messages, hide message status, hide online, download WA Story, App Locker and much more.

Features and benefits of FM WA

Multiple Theme Options

First, to discuss the features and benefits of FM WhatsApp This time, I want to study the appearance problem, guys. So here the developer has added many theme options that you can freely use without paying anything.

Even more than the various themes WhatsApp Aero.

The theme characters that you can use are also great and will not make you bored. Of course, I highly recommend this to those of you who always prioritize looks, guys. You can adjust the theme according to the situation at that time.

Now to set up the theme, you can follow this method:

  • First, open the FM WA app, guys.
  • Then look for three stacked points, usually in the upper right.
  • If so, you can select the text option “FM setting“and look at the text quickly”FM Tema“.
  • Well, here you can choose a theme according to your mood and taste.
  • Finally, select “Claimand your WhatsApp page theme will change perfectly.

In addition to the theme, you can also change the font type you want to use, more emoji options and more.

Read Deleted Messages

In this aspect, of course, it is very useful for those who like to be curious. No matter how hard you try, you can remove your curiosity from a message that has been deleted by the sender. The thing is that you know, sometimes the idea doesn’t stay when there is a deleted message wkwkwk.

Even if it is not really important, it can be removed due to a typo or something else. But to stop your curiosity, try using it FM WhatsApp this. Because the feature can help you read deleted messages.

Privacy Enhancements

For this privacy feature, I have made one, because the goal is to maximize privacy for all of you.

Features are rich with ability to remove Keep View, remove online status, see hidden status, hide message reports, no information is written and many more like features whatsapp plus.

In this privacy section, it turns out that you can also block certain calls, you know. So you can make your daily activities more comfortable if you don’t get calls from some people you think are not important hehe.

Download Indaba Direct

In this next feature, it can often be easily found in other WA Mod applications. The feature is that you can download Story WA directly without using a third party program as well. So very fast and easy.

Features like this are great for those of you who really love saving great WA Story videos, guys. So it can be made as a keepsake or just a collection.

App Locker

This App Locker feature is not the ultimate locker, guys, wow. So with this feature, you can protect all chat content from the unknowing hands of your friends or other people. Everything on WA is guaranteed to be safe and your privacy will be protected.

I also like this feature because its use is very efficient and easy. Because if I don’t have this feature, I still have to download the third edition guys :(. It’s really sad when there is only a small amount of internal storage.

Custom Color

I think this is a good feature FM WhatsApp that is, you can change the color of the WA display according to your preference. You can also make different colors of FM WA app, guys. So the goal is to be able to tell the difference between which is a WA Mod and which is the original WA.

Send Files More Easily

Next, you can also send files with a large number and size. Because if you use the original WA system, the number and power limits are very less, guys.

Difference between FMWhatsApp and official WA

FM WA WA Resmi
Lots of theme options. There is absolutely no choice of theme.
Can read deleted messages. Cannot read deleted messages.
Personal privacy is more secure and increasing. Privacy protection is still limited.
There is a specific feature to download WA Story. There is no download feature for Story WA and you have to use a third party app.
There is a built-in App Locker. To lock the system, you must use a third system
The limit for sending files is large. The limit for sending files is still small

Download FM WhatsApp Apk 2022

Application name FM WA Apk
The size Size 51.04MB
Version V9.11
Price It’s free
Link Download

How to install FMWA Mod Apk

  • First, make sure it is activatedUnknown Source” according to “Editing“, then”Privacy and Security” Just press the button “Unknown Source“working.
  • If so, find the location to save the FM WA APK file.
  • Next, when you find it, you can click on the file and select the words “Enter“.
  • It is waiting for it to finish.
  • Then sign in using the old or new WA account.
  • Done.

For those of you who are rich WA Mod lovers, you should definitely try it FM WhatsApp these young men. Because there are many cool and interesting things in it. Especially the theme part with many options.

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