Congratulations to our country’s new leader

Since now it’s official, great wishes and prayers to our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo.


(President Rodrigo Duterte)


(Vice President Leni Robredo)

May they be guided by the grace of the Almighty to lead our nation out of perils and crisis and into prosperous future.

May they grant them the wisdom and the foresights needed to mobilize the weary and burned-out workforce at the national government and eliminate the bad apples.

May they be the new ally and defender of all the members of Church of God In Christ Jesus or most popularly known as ANG DATING DAAN.

If this simple wishes of mine would happen, I know this is another will of God no matter what.

Once again, congratulation to our newly elected leaders in our country! God bless you all.

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