Bitlife Mod APK Download latest version (NO ADS & BISA ONLINE) 2020

BitLife is the game of life visible. If you are familiar with each other the game like the Sims, then BitLife Mod Apk it will suit you. Here, you need to keep the characters you play from children to adults.

Meanwhile, Bitlife Mod APK is the most exciting version. In this modified version, you will find many interesting and must-try features. Want to know? Download in the link below yes.

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Review BitLife Bitlife Mod APK Download latest version (NO ADS & BISA ONLINE) 2020

A deep game system online mobile game BitLife is like real life. You will start playing as a 0-year-old child and you will also get information about your location and date of birth, as well as who your parents are.

This is where life is visible BitLife has already started by defining your identity. That is, you can be the child of rich parents who are mature and have a good home.

You may also be a child born to an unmarried couple or still in school.

The identity of your parents inside the game This will also affect their financial ability to support you to grow into a talented child.

Therefore, if you are unlucky, you must be willing to accept your fate as a child who goes to school in a bad place.

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In time, when you are older, you are also talented as it is so you have to accept it if you have to work in the place as it is.

Unless you’re trying to change your future. This is where the fun lies the game this. So far, there are few details the game Bitlife you need to know.

1. Self-awareness

BitLife Identity Mod APK

There are 3 identities that will change over time within the game this. The first identity is you as a child.

And in this identity, you can only enjoy the game as a spectacle. Yes, nothing can be changed because you are just a child.

However, once you reach the age of 6, you can enroll in primary school. And this is where you can start the game. You can choose conversations with teachers to get good grades.

You can also spoil your childhood by choosing bad conversations with teachers and getting bad grades.

After you turn 18, this is your third identity. This is where there are many options to consider.

  • Education: you can choose to continue enrolling in a college or university of your choice, such as business, law, medical, veterinary and other schools.
    This is where you will also be given the opportunity to study hard, once you have registered.
  • Jobs: instead of pursuing education, in BitLife – LifeSimulator you can also search for jobs, such as electrician, journalist, and the like.
  • Military: you can join the navy, army, marines or other units.
  • Property: this is where you increase your material possessions and wealth. You will have these options:
    • Cars – you can buy a car if you don’t own one and have enough money
    • Real estate – shopping real estate

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2. Relationships

BitLife Relationship Mod APK

This is where you can log in and interact with people in your life, like your parents or your girlfriend.

3. Duties

BitLife Activities Mod APK

Here you will be given the option to go to the doctor’s office, become a criminal, transport, meditate, and many other activities.

4. Age

Umur BitLife Mod APK

This is the most important part because your age at BitLife will determine the type of problem you face.

Based on your choices and settings, things will happen. Fun at the game it starts when your character is inside the game he began to face difficulties in life.

Just like real life from love problems to legal problems that land you in jail.

Difference between Bitlife Mod APK and original

The real thing Mod version
Advertisement It’s in all of them loading screen. Some ads are longer than 1 minute No ads at all
Game play Limited options inside the game such as type of work and so on There are many options of methods game play added
Many players You can’t many playersthis game only offline It can play many players and other players online

Features of Bitlife Mod APK

In the modified version of BitLife, there are several advanced features that you can find as below.

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1. Choosing Race and Ethnicity


Of course, this conversion is somewhat controversial because of the issue of racism. However, considering that BitLife players come from various races and ethnicities and cultures.

The game this modified version at least offers a little flexibility for players who want to customize the character’s skin color as well.

2. You were born a Child Genius

Born-As-Baby-Genius BitLife Mod APK
Lahir Sebagai Bayi Jenius Bitlife Mod APK Download latest version (NO ADS & BISA ONLINE) 2020

There are times when we see people who are lucky enough to be born smart children. We can get that the game this is a modified version.

If you’re lucky, you may be born as a smart child who takes school subjects very easily. Later, it will become easier and more successful when the actor’s age increases.

3. Multiple Career Options

More Career Options

In Bitlife Mod APK, you won’t be limited to common task options. There are many, many more recent jobs that you can try to stay on the game this.

These jobs include programmers, YouTubers, and so on.

4. Country Selection

Choice-Country BitLife Mod APK

In the original version, he lives in a town he doesn’t know what it’s called (a kind of middle-class town).

But in this modified version, you can live in existing cities the original such as Los Angeles, New York, and cities and countries outside the United States such as Russia and so on.

Don’t worry, the language used is still English, so it can still be easily translated.

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Download Bitlife Mod APK

Application name BitLife – Game of Life Mod.apk
The size Size 63.18 MB
Price It’s free

Download Install Bitlife Mod APK

  • Open the Download link above and wait 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds, it will be available “download now” in color button grey. Click to start downloading.
  • Open it preparation on Android as well go to the “Security” section..
  • Give Checklist in “Unknown Sources” option.
install mod english
English Language Settings
install mod indo
Indonesian language settings
  • Open File Explorer on Android as well car Folder Download.
  • In the downloads folder, cari File Bitlife Mod APK just finished downloading.
  • Open the file and install it will run by itself
  • Please open the app and enjoy playing!

The first version of BitLife is actually enough to make us enjoy the game of life visible. However, there are ads and options the game limited makes us sometimes need a better version.

Well, this Bitlife Mod APK is the answer. With this modified version, you will play with the highest level of fun. I wish you luck!

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