Beyoncé to remove ‘ableist’ lyric from new album ‘Renaissance’ [listen]

Following the release of her new album, Renaissance on Friday 29 July, Beyoncé faced backlash for a specific lyric in one of her songs. The singer-songwriter has been labelled an ableist for using the term sp*zz in her song, Heated. This comes after Lizzo re-recorded her song, Grrls, after using the same word. 

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Scope, a disability equality charity in England, slammed Beyoncé for using sp*zz twice in her new song, Heated, from her seventh studio album. In a series of tweets posted on Monday 1 August, the charity questioned why the Grammy-winner used an “awful, outdated slur” in her song. 

“Disabled people’s experiences are not fodder for song lyrics. This must stop,” wrote Scope. 

“Bey, this word does NOT need a renaissance. We hope you’ll follow Lizzo’s example. The disabled community is tired of telling people to do better.”


According to People, Beyoncé’s team confirmed that the offensive term will be dropped from Heated and the lyric will be changed. 

“The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” read part of the statement. 

Through Sky News, Scope applauded the 40-year-old singer’s swiftness to change the lyric. 

“We hope this is the last time we see this kind of thing from anyone, let alone musicians with massive global influence,” said Scope spokesperson, Warren Kirwan. 


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Following the backlash from Scope, Beyoncé’s fans are divided over the offensive lyric in her song Heated

“Why should Beyoncé change the lyrics to her song? All you have to do is skip the track if the word is so offensive,” wrote one tweep. 

“Not that Beyoncé shouldn’t because hey, it’s good to be mindful and hold yourself accountable. But I haven’t seen anyone but black women need to edit their songs to be less offensive,” wrote another tweep. 

“Why do you guys get weird about Beyoncé? Ugly and nasty.”

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