An easy to play sponsorship game on Android

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Earning Game – Manufacturer of DANA Balance- If you are someone who follows technological developments, you should know that this system is DANA.

This program is a digital wallet or E-Wallet that supports multiple payments, by using this program you do not need to go to the payment counter or anything else.

Just open this program and choose the business you want to do, then everything can be solved.

This digital age gives our methods a wide variety. It’s not just business, however, we also feel other dimensions, especially in the area of ​​communication.

There are also many multi-purpose payment plans, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For loop friends who have installed this DANA program, make sure that your balance is sufficient to be able to run the business that will be run.

An easy to play sponsorship game on Android

Topping up this DANA balance is not difficult because you can do it by transfer, through the market or through Indomart or Alfamart stores. The good thing is that there is a money making program that can go directly to DANA. That way you don’t have to think about buying this one digital wallet balance.

Talking about money making applications, of course, we have many options. But the problem is that we don’t know which ones can be proven to be paying and registered by the OJK. The emergence of different types of scams that make money generating or investment programs requires us to be careful when choosing a program that we will be partners in doing business with.

By following the steps below, we can try to provide a program to make money directly into your DANA account that can be proven to pay.

DANA Balance Producer Program

Working from home may be a dream for some people, without being able to meet our family without being physically tied. The program we are going to recommend is not only for you to use in your DANA account, but it can also be transferred directly to the account.

Not only that, the amount of money you can earn is quite large. So with this program you can find a new source of income for yourself or your family. Let’s directly study another implementation as follows.

Food Videos

This program is busy with news, especially when it starts to hold time. Many people doubt that this program can be proven to pay, and this problem is very common because recently many programs use known types of fraud.

But apparently the money making snack video is a legitimate program and can be proven to offer huge rewards. To be able to make money from this video snack, you can follow several methods as below.

First you can go to Google Play Store

  • Once installed, you can register using your mobile number, email or social media accounts
  • Fill in some required data like gender etc
  • If you have installed the program, then specify the chest and the suggested invitation code
  • You can like a video or follow a friend
  • For coins to increase, you need to watch videos in this program for at least 15 minutes in 1 day
  • To be able to add your coins we may be able to invite friends by using our referral code. When the balance is reached you can withdraw money directly from your DANA account.


This program is popular because it has very entertaining short video content. You can create an account on TikTok and upload it so that your video can be seen by as many people as possible. But much is not clear although with this program we can bring money that can be transferred directly to the account


There are two programs that you can use to make money, which are original TikTok and TikTok Lite. Both of these programs can be proven to pay off. With your story, you can earn about 500 thousand by inviting friends from 10 people.

How to make money with tiktok is very simple, it is as follows:

  • Download tiktok from play-store or you can download it here
  • Use a previously unregistered account to display the invitation code column
  • Invitation code suggestion
  • Invite your friends to earn points
  • After that you have to watch the video to increase your coin
  • The minimum withdrawal in this scheme is 500 rupiah. Tiktok is a program that can be proven to pay and you don’t need to make a deposit or anything else to be able to collect at that time.

Indo Today

Maybe this program sounds foreign. But you don’t have to worry because this program already has a lot to offer even if you pay.

To be able to make money with this program you need to create an existing idea. This idea is very simple, among other things, by reading news, watching videos or doing vlogging. The advantage of using Indotoday is that apart from getting more information, we can also make money.

Following is the strategy to get FUND balances from Indotoday:

  • Install the Indotoday app first in the app store
  • After successful installation you can start the program and register using your FB account
  • Enter the view menu and select the invitation code
  • Continue to complete other existing ideas.
  • When you enter the invitation code you will get about 50,000 points. This program is best suited for the “Z” class, why is that? This problem is caused by one of the existing ideas, namely the way to play the game.


In the last program we will suggest that there is a Helo. It is not only money that you can get in this Helo program, but there are other prizes that you can get like iPhone mobile phones.

Helo himself has a daily view that is almost close to Indotoday, you can read the news of this program, not only that, and watch the videos of this program. Specifically for those who want to make the greeting system the generator of your DANA balance, you can follow the method below.

First download Hello app from google play-store

After that you can register using Facebook, mobile number, email and line.
Next, just meditate for 10 minutes every day.

RA WA we update in the discussion on the website page restodepot.idwhich is where the page discusses a lot of information about apps and games.

Besides watching videos and playing games, you also get a bonus balance if you log in every day for a month or 30 days.


Perhaps until now there are still many people who do not believe that this program can be proven to pay. For those who are still worried, start now so you have to believe in it. Why is that, because many people have given testimony.

Making your own results is really less than some of the programs we have provided above, but the way to make money with this program is simple, like this:

  • First, you can start downloading cashzine app from play-store
  • Then create an account in the program
  • To get points, you can read the stories that this program brings
  • Not only that, you can also invite your friends to join the cashzine program
  • By using the above method, you will get more points.

After that, all you have to do is withdraw using the E-Wallet you have, such as the DANA digital wallet.

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